May 2022 Monthly Review

By 09/06/2022June 20th, 2022Monthly Reviews

Ok, so May 2022 was an interesting one.

After updating Freebies for you page, last month, I didn’t get much done on the website.

I’ve been so busy in my day job so I only had 1 to 2 hours (per day) to work on the Blog, and my ieShop. Some days I didn’t get to do anything at all because I had to prioritise family and home. (Life is like that for me).

What I’m about to share with you this time will be recording of what happened in May which I copied directly from the Daily Log pages of my my Bullet Journal. But I understand you may not be interested with them yet if it happens to be your first time here. So you can click the table of content below to go straight to what captures your attention.

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Freebies for you

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Grab what you need for FREE from my updated Freebies for you page. Here’s one of the freebies you may like.

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What I’m thankful for (May 2022)

  • Grateful for Shemedia. (I now have ads on. I haven’t got a chance to play around with all the settings yet but I’m excited to learn more.)
  • Celebrated Lolo’s birthday (my father-in-law)
  • Ultimate Bundles (I got accepted as one of the contributors)
  • I’m grateful for my new subscribers in May. (If that’s you, please know that I appreciate you).

What I want to remember in May 2022

May 2022 Goals and Projects (Updates)

Yearly Goals Check-in

Publish 52 Blog Posts Published 14 blog posts as of May 2022
Read 12 Physical Books Read 4 books as of April 2022 and currently reading 5th book
List 100 Etsy Products Listed 47 products as of end of May 2022

Quarterly Goals Check-in

Q1: Money Mindfulness Be intentional with Money
An example of a Personal Finance Plan
6 Steps to develop Positive Money Mindset
Q2: Intentional Productivity7 Steps Weekly Planning Process for Maximum productivity
Productivity Affirmations to get things done with intention
Q3: Habits Consciousness
Q4: Intentional Planning

Take a look at my latest creations on Etsy. Blog Posts are here

Reading Progress (Note: I have read most of the books before I started blogging but I just want to go through them again)

Well being

  • SLEEP: I’m keeping this steady. I may not be able to sleep earlier than 1:30 for straight 30 days but I will continue aiming for it every single week. In May 2022, I have been sleeping (and napping) a lot so I’m so happy about my sleep.
  • NAP: Still napping in the afternoon (and early evening sometimes)
  • WATER: water intake is still good. I drink more than 2 x 375 ml daily. Not much green tea in May but I have been drinking water with organic honey, lemon and slices of ginger.
  • JOURNALING: Didn’t do much of long-form journaling but I’ve been consistent with rapid logging in my Bullet Journal.

Good habits I’m keeping

  • Write done list every day – [still going and on the 5th month]
  • Spend 5 minutes no more than 10 minutes to maintain my digital files – [still doing it]- Yep not everyday but it has been my thing in May 2022.
  • Daily writing for at least 10 Minutes (but I go over 10 minutes sometimes, about 1 to 2 hours depending on the energy I have and time)- [still on. on the 5th month too. Been doing it for 4 months I now don’t have the need to use a tracker. Yay!]

Family and Home

Lost count of how many bag we have donated. And!!!!!!! I finally finished my Konmari – Paper project. It took forever but am glad I kept going. I feel that paper in my household is more controlled now. Such a good feeling.

Blog and Shops

Progress on Blog Post and Etsy Listing:

  • Published 2 blog posts and listed 2 Etsy product.
  • Etsy listing goal #2 : List 100 products- Listed 47th products)

What I’ve Completed

One of my big goals in 2022 is to publish 52 blog posts by the end of December 2022. So far, I’ve published 14 blog posts. A slow start but I’m still in this game.

Published Blog Post in May 2022:

8 Must- know ideas on how to be intentional with your time

April 2022 Monthly Review

Productivity Affirmations ( published in April 2022)


While I try to focus on just a few things every month, I also have some tasks that are going on in the background. These are tasks and projects that are also important for my business but they can be done when I have time. That said I try to schedule them so they are not totally forgotten.

Website Improvement

I have made an effort to do a little bit at time when it comes to Website Improvement. So far, I have:

  • updated my Home Page. -done. This is it. I’m happy and content with this.
  • changed the layout and images of categories in the Blog -done
  • updated a little bit of the About Page —done
  • layout of the ieSHOP – done
  • Next Goal: Recommendation Pages, Legal Page and Contact Form. **** was not able to do this so I will migrate this for June 2022

Digital Organisation

My desktop is like my active digital working space in my laptop so sometimes it gets messy for a few days but I make sure that I reset and clean it up before it goes out of control. So far so good. it works for me.

In May 2022 I have added organising bookmarks. Wish I have known this earlier. Such a nice thing to get used to. No more 100 tabs opened at the same time.

Home Organisation

So so happy!!! I finally finished KonMari paper Category. Started this in 2021 and I’ve been doing it every week for about 20 minutes a week. Some weeks I skipped so I didn’t do it weekly for the whole 52 weeks.

Intention for June 2022

Keep taking actions everyday. Actions that will bring me closer to my goals.

What’s next?

Living with intention has been a game changer for me and my family and I hope you’ll continue to stick around so we can grow together.

My Quarter 1 Money Mindfulness Project has ended in March and will continue later in the year. If you missed the blog posts you can find them here under Money Mindfulness category.

My project for Quarter 2 is Intentional Productivity. Check out the 7 Weekly planning Process if you want to create an intentional week .

If it’s your first time here, you may also like one these cool freebies that will help you live an intentional life so you can make more time to do what you love.

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