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Be intentional one week at time

Start living a life on purpose by setting intentional goals, cultivating a healthy mindset and being organised so that you can have more time for what you love.

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What is an intentional living?

An intentional life is not about getting everything right all the time.
It's a life of conscious choices and mindfully aligning your daily actions with your goals.

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“"Your blog is truly inspiring. 💓 I’m glad other people get to see this side of you so they could also live a life full of gratitude"”

Sassy Belle

“"I love this!❤️ Thanks for sharing! Very insightful and inspiring..will definitely apply this although baby steps..looking forward to more of your blogs🙂"”

Teen D

“"Wow, this blog is very informative and noteworthy. I have a lot of things in mind that I like to do, but just keep on delaying it. I love that this talks about being productive. Love your work. I can’t wait for more blogs from you"”

Keith Marie

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