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Intentional living is paying attention to PEOPLE (and THINGS) that matter. And MONEY matters too.
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Ready to be intentional one week at a time?

Hey there beautiful. Welcome to the place.

If you’re ready to live an intentional life, this is the place. It’s where you can start intentional living by setting meaningful goals, cultivating a healthy mindset and staying organised.

Living with intention is not all about getting things right all the time.

It’s all about mindfully aligning your actions with what truly matters to you. And I can help you do that.

I’ll help you set intentional goals, cultivate a healthy mindset and stay organised so that you can have more time for what you love.

Intentional Living Essentials

Intentional Lifestyle

FAMILY is everything and LIFE is so precious. Learn how you can manage family, home and life without by being intentional with what you do and how you do them.

Live life on Purpose

Meaningful Goals

Learn how to set meaningful goals and maximise your productivity so you can make more space and time to do what you love.

Embrace Intentional Productivity


You are your biggest asset. Do self-care, practise mindfulness and gratitude, and cultivate a healthy mindset. Include money mindfulness because having less financial stress is part of self-care.

Do Self-care

Freebies for You

If you’re like the idea of Bullet Journal but you don’t have time to do a Weekly Spread, download this Weekly Plan Pages. Plan your week based on what matters most

Plan your Intentional Week

If you find yourself struggling with nagging to-dos, endless ideas and swirling thoughts in your head all the time, Do. brain dump.

Create more mental space

Improve your mood for with the 7-day Gratitude Journal. Appreciate yourself, people, things and moments in your life

Download it for free

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Kind words that make me feel Grateful

“"Your blog is truly inspiring. 💓 I’m glad other people get to see this side of you so they could also live a life full of gratitude"”

Sassy Belle

“"I love this!❤️ Thanks for sharing! Very insightful and inspiring..will definitely apply this although baby steps..looking forward to more of your blogs🙂"”

Teen D

“"Wow, this blog is very informative and noteworthy. I have a lot of things in mind that I like to do, but just keep on delaying it. I love that this talks about being productive. Love your work. I can’t wait for more blogs from you"”

Keith Marie
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