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March 2022 Monthly Review

By 15/04/2022Monthly Reviews

March 2022 has been good.

For a couple of weeks I’ve been going back and forth if I would publish the March 2022 monthly review or not. Because I don’t know if it’s worth my time and yours. I lost steam but as I do my monthly reflection, I realised it wasn’t so bad at all. Besides, I’ve been doing this since 2021 January and I didn’t want to break the chain.

That’s why I would like to highlight losing steam and share a couple of tips on how to deal with it.

Keep reading and find out what you can do to keep going when you’re losing steam. You can skip ahead straight to “What I want to remember” if you’re pressed with time. Just click on that topic below.

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Image of a laptop, with overlay test: Monthly Review March 2022 , a candle and a notebook and pen on a throw

The Blog, the ieSHOP and Etsy Shop took over in Feb and I found myself doing the bare minimum in the Home front.

But March 2022 was all over the place. I felt like I’ve been doing a lot but I only got 2 tangible outcomes to show for it. One blog post and one printable for the shop.

I ran out of steam in the remaining 2.5 weeks of the month. The latest post of my Money Mindfulness Project was only published last week, so I need to pick up my speed before I get too far behind.

In March 2022, I only finished 2 things:

The Personal Finance blog post will be the last one for now in Money Mindfulness category until Quarter 3 of 2022. It has been a while since I published the 7 Steps Weekly Planning Process for Maximum Productivity. So, I’m switching to Intentional Productivity for Quarter 2 (April- June).

If you don’t have the Free Money Trackers yet, go ahead and click the image below.

money trackers images

What I’m thankful for (March 2022)

My March 2022 Gratitude List

Even though I felt that March 2022 was slow and unproductive, now that I’m doing my reflection, I realised that last month was not so bad at all.

I manifested!!!!! I made sales from the ieSHOP from organic traffic. Yayyy! So it was such a bonus. Thank you Universe.

My gratitude list for March 2022 continues:

  • R and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. I will always be grateful for having this man in my life. He is my rock, my partner in everything, my cheer leader, and chat buddy.
  • Video chat with Ness Love. (I’ve always been awkward being on photos and videos. So this was the first). I’m grateful for the gentle encouragement from Ness who’s the master of Zen(fulness) (is that a word?) in my book.
  • The weather in Melbourne is getting cold and kids have been in school. I’m grateful they haven’t caught any bug. Healthy kids Happy Mumma.

What I want to remember in March 2022

Last month, I lost steam for 2.5 weeks. Naturally I felt I’ve done nothing.

Has that happened to you? You started strong and then suddenly you’re out of steam.

When you feel like you’re not making progress, it’s demotivating isn’t it?

There are two possible scenarios you’ll do when this happens.

  1. Brush off that feeling and keep going at the earliest chance you find.
  2. Avoid the situation and just leave things be until you are too far behind to keep up.

First scenario is so hard to do but satisfying once you are out of that “demotivated” zone. The second scenario though is so easy to do but so painful. I feel that it drags me down for too long if I don’t watch it.

How to keep the momentum

Here are a couple of things that worked for me and maybe they will too for you.

  1. Keep a done list
  2. Have an accountability partner

If you haven’t done this yet, I suggest to try a done list for 30 days or maybe 7 days if one month is too much. Everyday, write down what you’ve done. It should not take too much time because you’re just quickly taking notes of what you have accomplished everyday.

This is so helpful because whenever you are feeling low, you can look at the list and all the things you’ve done so far will instantly make you feel better.

Having an accountability partner (or partners) is so valuable when you’re trying to achieve your goals. For me having R (my husband) as an accountability partner helped me achieved more than I could imagine.

In business, I have Dee. We met last year and we instantly clicked and became biz accountability buddies. (of course it goes beyond business, we are like soul sisters now).

Knowing that you have to update someone for your progress because they are also counting on you for their motivation is hands down the best strategy I find in terms of keeping the momentum.

March 2022 Goals and Projects (Updates)

Yearly Goals Check-in

Publish 52 Blog Posts Published 10 blog posts as of March 2022
Read 12 Physical Books Read 2 books as of March 2022 and currently reading 3rd
List 32 Etsy Products Listed 44 products as of end of March 2022

Take a look at my latest creations on Etsy. Blog Posts are here

Reading Progress (I’ve read these books before I started blogging but I just want to go through them again)

Quarterly Goals Check-in

Q1: Money Mindfulness Done (to continued in the Q3)
Q2: intentional Productivityin progress

Read more about Money Mindfulness.

Well being

  • Sleep: Oh my!!!! I need to refocus on this one. In March, I slept beyond 1:30 am far too many times I didn’t even bother counting. My only consolation is that I didn’t go beyond 3:00 am.
  • Still napping in the afternoon
  • Water intake is still good. I drink more than 2 x 375 ml daily and I also went back to drinking Japanese green tea.

Good habits I’m keeping

  • Write done list every day
  • Spend 5 minutes no more than 10 minutes to maintain my digital files
  • Sleep before 1:30 am
  • Daily writing for at least 10 Minutes (but I go over 10 minutes sometimes, about 1 to 2 hours depending on the energy I have and time)

Family and Home

Collected 11 bags of items around our home to give away to charity (total of 19 bags since January 2022)

Blog and Shops

Progress on Blog Post and Etsy Listing:

  • Published 1 blog posts and listed 1 Etsy product.
  • Etsy listing miles tone of 40 products – achieved in February 2022 (listed 38th products)
  • Listed 43rd listing on Etsy as of March 2022.

What I’ve Completed

One of my big goals in 2022 is to publish 52 blog posts by the end of December 2022. I fell behind in March but that’s ok.

Published Blog Post in March 2022:

An example of a Personal Financial Plan (done in 5 steps

While I try to focus on just a few things every month, I also have some tasks that are going on the background. These are tasks and projects that are also important for my business but they can be done when I have time. That said I try to schedule them so they are not totally forgotten.

Website Improvement

Website improvement commenced. I’m planning to do this bit by bit so I can focus more on content and product creation. So far, I have:

  • updated my Home Page (happy with it, at least for now)
  • changed the layout and images of categories in the Blog ( happy with it, at least for now) All links updated- done in March
  • updated a little bit of the About Page — nothing get done in the about page. instead I improved the layout of the ieSHOP

Digital Organisation

Oh my gosh!!!! I’ve done it finally. I cleaned up my Mac and now I have a nice digital workspace. The intention of doing this is to make me work more efficiently and effectively.

Home Organisation

Still on paper category with Konmari Project but we’re slowly getting rid of items that don’t spark joy around the home.

However, I started the Kitchen category just a little bit because the cupboards haven’t been edited in the last 6 months.

Intention for April 2022

My intention for March was to to Keep at it. Looks like I didn’t ( as I hoped for) so the intention is April is to stay in my line with the blinders on and keep going.

I intend to keep the momentum and keep moving forward.

What’s next?

Thank you for reading. I hope that by doing this I’m able to inspire you in any way even in the smallest way possible.

Living with intention has been a game changer for me and my family and I hope you’ll continue to stick around so we can grow together.

My Quarter 1 Money Mindfulness Project has ended in March and will continue later in the year. If you missed the blog posts you can find them here under Money Mindfulness category.

My next project for Quarter 2 is Intentional Productivity. If it’s your first time here, you may also like one these cool freebies that will help you live an intentional life so you can make more time to do what you love.

image of freebies for you from

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