February 2022 Monthly Review

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February 2022 was short but it was meaningful just like any other good months.

I’m super excited to share with you the last month’s updates behind the blog including all the things that made it meaningful. Goal progress check-ins and all the good stuff.

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The Blog, the ieSHOP and Etsy Shop took over last month.

I felt like I did so much for the blog and shops while doing just the bare minimum at the Home. I’ve let everyone (husband and kids) to pretty much run the ship. And it was great. I could feel how much supportive they are with this blogging gig.

My Konmari Project is moving as slow as snail. I can only do about 10 minutes a few days in a week, and I’m ok with it. This Konmari Project is important but not a priority at this time. We even have a running joke at home: this project will be completed in 2032 at this rate.

There’s only one month to go for my Money Mindfulness Project so I’m hoping when I move to Intentional Productivity in Quarter 2. I can focus more with the Konmari Project. I know my progress is taking years, but I am holding on to this project because it’s still meaningful to me.

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If you’re also like me who’s current focus is finance, check out card deck about money in the ieSHOP. The discount code 7DAYSWATER is still active. You’ll get 30% off all full priced products. Go ahead and browse the ieSHOP.

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What I’m thankful for (February 2022)

My February 2022 Gratitude List

  1. Grateful for the time I spent chatting/connecting with my friends (in different countries), and for the technology that made it possible
  2. I appreciate the person at work who nominated me for spreading positivity at work and for the initiative I created for the Team in February 2022.
  3. Thankful for Kuya for giving me extra minutes in the morning. On weekdays, he wakes up earlier than everyone and starts prepping his lunchbox. It’s one less task I have to do so I have extra minutes to do other things. I only need to prepare Moon’s lunch box. Happy days.

Hey, if this is your first time in my blog, would you be interested in any of the freebies here? If you’re like me who’s focusing on family finances in Quarter 1, then Money Mindfulness would be a good read.

Better yet, grab your Free Money Trackers here.  There are other freebies in the Resources section if you’re interested so click the image below to check them out.

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What I want to remember in February 2022

Kuya’s Laptop got damaged

image of a laptop with damaged port for charger, beside the laptop is a white timer

I know, having a damaged laptop is probably something you would like to forget. It’s not a good memory. However, I’m choosing to keep this here because even though it’s bad on the surface, this accident taught us so much

  • this made me appreciate my kid more (Kuya). He is 12 years old and he has always been careful with his belongings. Only lost one school hat in 6 years that he has been in primary school. He was feeling bad about this but then he said something. He said ” this is teaching me to be more careful in handling my school bag”
    • And I think we can all learn from this. When something bad happens, we can think of it as a teacher.
  • Thankfully we didn’t have to buy a new laptop nor pay for the repair so that’s a bonus.

January 2022 Goals and Projects (Updates)

Yearly Goals Check-in

  1. Publish 52 blog posts: 8 blog posts as of 28th of February 2022, 44 to go.
  2. Read 12 physical books by the end of 2022 : Ten books to go
  3. Publish 52 Etsy products by the end of 2022 : Listed 41 products so far. Take a look at my latest creation

Yearly Goals Check-in

Quarter 1 Focus: Money Mindfulness. (One month to go)

Well being

  • Slept before 1:30am for 26 days
  • Loving my nap times in the afternoon

Healthy Habits for 2022

  1. Drink 3 x 375ml water daily (achieved)
  2. Sleep before 1:30am (working on it)

I’m aiming to sleep before 1:30am for 3 months. So I will officially start in March and do it until May 2022. The test in February 2022 was a sign that I can do it (did it for 26 days))

I officially met my goal of drinking 375mlx 3 per day. It took more than 3 months but I am happy I’ve got a good habit now of drinking more water every day. Because of this success, I’m happy to share the Water Trackers that helped me achieve the drinking water goal. 

You can grab these water trackers here. Hint: use the code: 7DAYSWATER to get a 30% discount. Can be used for all other full priced products.

Family and Home

  • Collected 8 bags of items around our home to give away to charity
  • We also let go of the small black table. We love the bigger space now. Moon can dance and practise her gymnastics moves

Blog and Shops

  • Published 4 blog posts and listed 6 Etsy products

What I’ve completed

One of my big goals in 2022 is to publish 52 blog posts by the end of December 2022. I’m on track so far.

Published Blog Posts February 2022:

While I try to focus on just a few things every month, I also have some tasks that are going on the background. These are tasks and projects that are also important for my business but they can be done when I have time. That said I try to schedule them so they are not totally forgotten.

Website Improvement

Website improvement commenced. I’m planning to do this bit by bit so I can focus more on content and product creation. So far, I have:

  • updated my Home Page (happy with it, at least for now)
  • changed the layout and images of categories in the Blog ( happy with it, at least for now) Just need to update links as I go. Improved the the featured images too.
  • updated a little bit of the About Page — need to work on this later on
  • Doing a website improvement project with Dee.

Digital Organisation

Mac files is getting messy again. I am tempted to do a massive reset. As in, remove everything put in the external hard drive and start again. I’ll see how I go in next month.

Home Organisation

Still on paper category with Konmari Project but we’re slowly getting rid of items that don’t spark joy around the home.

Intention for March 2022

My intention for March: Keep at it.

I intend to keep the momentum and keep moving forward.

Last month intention was to create my thing and put it out there and I did it. I listed more products on Etsy. My first milestone is to list 40 products. I’m on Product 38th at the moment.

What’s next?

Thank you for reading. I hope that by doing this I’m able to inspire you in any way even in the smallest way possible.

Living with intention has been a game changer for me and my family and I hope you’ll continue to stick around so we can grow together.

My family and I are focusing on Money Mindfulness in this quarter so if you’re interest have a read of the blog posts I published in January.

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