5 Tips to stay on track with your Goals: June 2021 review

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And so….. half a year was gone, just like that. Welcome to June 2021 Monthly review. 

Being on track with goals is hard sometimes, that’s why I’m sharing the 5 tips to stay on track with your goals.

One moment you’re so pumped and the next moment you’re like “bugger it, I just can’t do anything”. Then you just do nothing or do whatever.

That was the 2nd and 3rd week of June for me. I lost focus in those 2 weeks. I spent my time taking on courses and workshops. They are technically work related to the blog but I realised I could have spaced them out a little more.

Because I did a lot of them, I didn’t have enough time to do the actual work that will grow the blog and move my projects forward.

That being said, I’m ok with it. Things like this happen and what’s important is I was able to bounce back in the 4th week and here’s where the 5 tips on how to stay on track with goals come in handy.

The image below sums up my June 2021 and before I share my Monthly Reflection and update, let me share the 5 tips on how to stay on track with your goals. These are the tricks that saved me many times in the last few months.

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5 Tips on how to stay on track with your goals

  1. Let yourself be when you feel “off”
  2. Be curious when things are not going well
  3. Reset and Plan
  4. Remember your “whys”
  5. Focus on what matters

1. Let yourself be

If you’re having one of those days where you don’t feel like doing anything. Let yourself be. I used to push myself harder even when I didn’t feel like doing something. So sad to think that in the past, I used to work even when I was sick. But I’ve changed that now. Being intentional means health is a priority and I can take a break even if it’s for a “just because’ reason.

2. Be curious when things are not going well

When things are not going well and you think it’s because of something you do or you don’t do, instead of being frustrated with yourself, pause and be curious instead. 

Reflect on why things didn’t work.

When you’re coming from a space of curiosity instead of shame or guilt or blame, it’s easier to move on and do something to make things better.

I used to be frustrated when things don’t work and thanks to my kids who helped me overcome this through their mantras. We are big on mantras if you haven’t noticed yet.

Kuya’s mantra: When you make mistakes it’s a sign that your brain is growing

M’s mantra: Making a mistake is ok, that’s how you learn.

3. Reset and Plan

Once you know what happened and why they happened, then you can reset and start fresh. Make a new plan if necessary. I do this a lot. Sometimes I reset the plan twice a week and that’s ok, as long as the plan is still related to my yearly goals. 

And when you’re feeling overwhelmed you can always do a Brain Dump, just to clear your head and start with a clean slate.

4. Remember your “whys”

You know what I have realised about goal setting? Knowing your goals is not enough. A clear goal needs a strong why behind it. Because achieving goals is never a linear pathways. And we have to be ready when detours happen.

That’s because our reason behind doing something will massively help us to push through when the going gets tough no matter how much curve balls life throws at us.

5. Focus on what matter

Since becoming an intentional person, I learned the power of setting priorities and focusing on what matters.

Practising this is easier said than done because we’re not robots and there’re so many distractions around us, [good and bad]. They are part of life. So, unless we’re smart in managing them, they can easily throw us off the track.

What you can try: Write what matters to you and place it where you will see them. So when you get confused or overwhelmed, you can look at your priorities and it will guide you in in your decision-making.

JUNE 2021 Reflection

June started strong. But that was only for the first week.

Week 1 and 2 of June were “flat’ for me. I lost focus. and initially, I thought it’s bad because I would be 2 weeks behind with my tasks.

Thankfully I was able to reframe my thoughts and apply a healthy mindset in real life.

And so I was able to bounce back in the 4th week.

How did I stay on track with my goals in June 2021?

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So, how was June 2021? Well, I had to use the above 5 tips on how to stay on track with goals because it wasn’t smooth as I hoped for.

Week 1 was so hopeful, I had this plan of continuing the Kon Mari project and getting ahead with my blog tasks (content) and other projects I have been working on for months now but then BC Stack happened in Week 2 and I got so excited with all the courses in it.

Then when Week 3 came I was already distracted. I thought I was not being intentional with my week. I just kept doing what I felt like doing instead of following what I planned to do. I was just not up to it. My Bullet Journal was blank but I remember I had a good time with the kids and R so it was still a good result.

In those 2 distracted weeks, I permitted myself to take a break. I chose to not follow my weekly plan and I just lived a “free fall’ style for 2 weeks.

And what I realised is. It’s ok. No one got hurt, the world did not come crashing down on me.

This is what I have been missing out on for the longest time. The ability to shrug it off when things don’t go as planned


Last month I turned 40 plus even though it was during a lockdown, I thought it was a great one. So simple and insightful. My bestie Bossafterfive surprised me with chocolate, drink and flowers. M made a big deal out of it and we spent a great time at the nearby canal watching the ducks. We had a great day together as a family. I didn’t do any work at all. It felt so good. 


Highlights of the months are the kids and family time.

Kuya is in year 6 now and I’m impressed with how he manages his school work. I love how he makes a plan and then breakdown the tasks and do a little bit of the tasks every day. 

This tells me that I’ve influenced him in appreciating the value of small consistent actions to make progress.


Miss M is finally settled in prep, No more tears during morning drop off and she is now reading independently. Still need helps with big words but she can read most of her books now. This is a nice change because we can do a long reading session and I don’t have to read Bluey and Bingo 10 times.

Currently, I’m reading The One Thing and it’s a great read. This aligns so much with living with intention.

the 1 thing book image

You can check this book out in one of the online stores in the Recommended Books Page here.

Goals in Progress 2021

Well-Being (Self-care)

I did it. No sleepless nights. My sleep hygiene has improved a lot. The original goal was to avoid working through the night and I achieved that goal. I can’t even remember the last time I worked through the night. In Quarter 2, I changed it to “sleep before 2 am” because I wanted to be realistic. I started the Project Self Care in November 2020 and I’m so happy I’ve achieved it even though it took more than half a year.

April to June Sleep tracker image
I’ve been tracking my sleep since Nov 2020 and here is the my tracker from part of April 2021 to June 2021.

Family and Home

I had so many exciting projects for the home at the beginning of Quarter 2 but it didn’t happen. Had to pause Konmari Project because I had to spend more time with the Blog. 

I decided to do more for the blog in Quarter 2. See this is where the “knowing priorities” come in. Organising our home is important to me but Blogging is important too. However, I can’t spend equal time and energy on both at the same time. So, I chose to focus on blogging more and I will make time for home in the remaining 2 quarters of 2021. For home, I do the basics and it’s ok.


Passion (Blog)

Quarter 2 has been so good. I’ve started learning more about SEO and I started learning about email marketing. I also changed my mind about the Free Resource Library so I had to remove it and replaced it with a Resources Page which will hold all the helpful resources instead of just templates.


I hope you find those 5 tips on how to stay on track with your goal helpful.

Hey, I just want say thank you and I appreciate you dropping by.

If you like this post, please share your thoughts in the comment section below and tell me if you have tips on how to stay on track.

Every month I publish my Monthly Review, I always feature a tip that will help our intentional community.

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Thank you for your time today,


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